October 27

Do you see life through rose colored glasses?


This picture is from a scene in National Treasure with Nicolas Cage.  He is wearing a pair of glasses with different colored lenses.  He sees something different on a printed
page depending on the combination of filters he is using.  The important thing to note is he sees something completely different when a combination of lenses is used.
A single lense alone highlights something different.I’ve been silent about all the chaos in our society.  There are some serious issues here and include, but not limited to, the #MeToo campaign going on surrounding sexual harassment,
the current status of US government affairs, homelessness in the region, white privilege, and so on.  These are all serious issues but our take on them is going to change slightly
depending on our personal history, values and beliefs.

I’ve come to realize that no matter how much I try to relate to someone else and no matter how much I think I can relate or empathize, I am still ultimately looking through my own lense.

The combination of my lense plus what I perceive to be another person’s lense will still be different from that person’s single lense.  Did you follow that?

That doesn’t mean we’ve not experienced the same things nor does it mean I am incapable of relating to other’s suffering.  It only means my perception will always be slightly different
from someone else who has a different life history than I do.

What’s my takeaway?  My personal takeaway from this epiphany is to make sure I do not detract (or take away) from other person’s life or experience as I try to understand their situation.
Even my best efforts at taking something at face value will still be slightly skewed based on my values and experiences.

It’s ok to be different and it is ok not to truly and deeply understand another person’s situation.  We can still be friends and can still support one another as we all struggle through life.
We all have limitations in understanding and experience.  We can still experience significant growth as we try to understand and support one another.

Do you agree or disagree?  Please let me know!  1ericwylie@gmail.com.

Additionally, how can I support you this week?  We can learn and experience life together!


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