November 1

Miso salmon dinner. Great for a cold, fall evening with friends and family.


Long time and no posts. That’s my fault and I apologize. Please forgive me! Could I bribe you with a nice and healthy recipe?

There’s so much information on the internet that trying to manage the incoming flow is tough. It’s like drinking from a fire hydrant. What to read, what to ignore and where to draw the line….. It would be nice to make it all simple.

With that in mind, I’ll jump straight to why I’m email you. It’s really to touch base and re-establish contact. That’s good, old fashioned communication… Not something we should be communicating in 144 characters or less.

Along those same lines, let’s get back to eating real food and cooking our own meals. This is a simple salmon recipes that matches well with a light cucumber salad.


Shopping & Ingredients List:
1 tbsp Miso Paste

2 tsp Mirin

pinch of Sugar

150g boneless Salmon Fillet

½ tsp Olive Oil

2 tsp Soy Sauce

Salt & Pepper to season


½ Cucumber, in ribbons

1 tbsp Soya Beans

1 tsp White Wine Vinegar

pinch of Sugar




1. Mix together the miso paste, mirin & sugar. Spread over the salmon & marinate in the fridge overnight, or during the day, for a minimum of 2 hours.

2. Preheat the oven to 350C. Use the olive oil & brush a non-stick baking sheet. Use kitchen paper towel, wipe off the marinade. Place the fish on the baking tray, skin-side down. Cook for 15 minutes.

3. Meanwhile whisk together the white wine vinegar & sugar. Toss the ccmber ribbons & soya beans in the dressing. Serve alongside the salmon & season to own taste.





Try the recipe and tell me if you like it. Let’s get back to communicating again.  I would genuinely love to hear from you!


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