March 19

When you dare to hope, you can do so much more…


“Hope requires strength – sometimes all the strength you can muster. But hope also gives you strength. Hope energizes. Hope moves you forward. When you dare to hope, you can do so much more than you ever thought.”
– Emily Barnes, The Promises of Hope.

Hope is important to our future. I’ve talked about knowing your ‘why’ in the past. Why do you want to make a change? Having a really strong ‘why’ is important to successful change. When troubles come, you need to remember why you’re doing something.

As I’ve been working through the YMCA Journey to Freedom programs, I’ve wondered if having ‘hope’ is even more fundamental to change. Do you have hope that you can change? If you believe all hope is lost, then knowing why you want to make a change becomes irrelevant.

Even if that hope is only a slight glimmer deep down inside your soul, you know it’s there. The possibility or hope of change exists. You might not understand what you want to do or entirely grasp why you want to change, but that hope creates possibility.

“Hope builds on possibilities.” Start with one minor change. Take baby steps and remember it is OK to make mistakes along the way. That’s part of the learning process. It’s even OK to make sweeping changes in your direction along the way!

Those little successes along the way will help stoke that little flame deep down inside. As hope slowly expands you’ll find more meaning and purpose behind your goals.

Do you have hope? In what or whom, does your hope lie? Remember, in hope there are possibilities!!

Tell me about your source of hope:


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