November 26

Clickbait and Social Media Manipulation


If you love your family, you’ll stop feeding them this ONE food right now!  <== Total Clickbait!

How many times a day do you see something like this?  Of course, you likely DO love your family and want the best for them.

OR….  Is the opposite true?

By not clicking on the link, you confirm that you must hate your family, right?  It’s a binary decision.  If you don’t click, you must really hate your family.  Fear makes us do funny and unpredictable things.


You’ll be missing out if you don’t act now!  <== Another kind of clickbait.

Fear Of Missing Out….  Then again, it could be a monumental waste of your time.  Even more, it could also distract you from other more important things that you’re already doing.  You certainly don’t want to miss out on anything.  Who knows, it could be the next, greatest shiny thing you need to buy…..


What happens if you click and realize that it’s total junk or some new level of scam?  One response I’ve seen quite a bit from some is, “If you don’t act now, you’re not ready/worthy.”  Of course, you want to be seen as worthy and it pushes you to act in the manner the promoter wants.


What’s going on here?  These are old school sales tactics at their best/worst.  We see some variant in almost every headline (including this blog post) on the internet.  We know what’s going on and continue to click on it regardless!  Oh the insanity!!!

Stop the insanity!!

Is it relevant to you and is it imperative you look at it right this moment?  No?  Then keep scrolling.

Remember every advertisement is not a challenge to your intelligence, independence, strength, experience or motivation.  Don’t let an ad become virtual bullying!!!  You’re smarter than that!!


I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions about this matter.  If you would, hop on over to my Facebook page where we can have a conversation and share stories of internet insanity.  You’ll find me at:


Have an incredible, clickbait bully free, week!


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