December 28

How your journey to healthy living is like a jigsaw puzzle


Health Coach

Living a healthy life can be quite the challenge without a good picture of what you want the end result to be like.


Have you ever tried to build a complex puzzle without knowing what the end result is supposed to look like?  The toughest puzzles I have ever seen are one solid color or a very subtle shade of colors and several hundred pieces.

Start with the end in mind and keep the BIG picture in mind!

How do you begin building a puzzle?  Most people I’ve seen carefully lay out all the pieces and put the border together first.  In other words, you identify the variables and set out clear parameters.  What variables and/or constants do you have in your life?  What things can you count on and what days/times do those things occupy?  Be specific.

When you put a puzzle together you are looking for repeating patterns in different shapes.  You are also looking for ways to correctly put those pieces together until they form larger shapes.

The same thing applies in life.  Look for patterns.  I’ve often used the phrase of looking with expectation.  Be intentional and stick with the facts.  Do your absolute best to put feelings aside and look for the ‘shapes’ and patterns to the things you do every day.

It generally helps to take the pieces you are finding a refer back to the BIG picture.  As you put pieces together, you can see how and where they fit in the bigger picture, yes???

What happens if you lose the BIG picture?  Madness, chaos, fear, frustration….  Sometimes it helps to get an objective eye on the puzzle.  Someone else that has not been staring at the same puzzle for hours/weeks/months/years on end.

That’s where I come in as a health coach.  I help you clarify or establish that 1,000ft BIG picture and ensure the things you’re doing are heading you in the right direction.  This is the start of a new year when so many people set out to accomplish new health goals.  Schedule a time with me and get help clarifying your BIG picture.  Set clear, relevant goals for the new year.

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